Chinese New Year Customs

Hi Every one,

Xiamen LongStar medical Equipment Company is during the holidays now. Today is Chinese New Year, We just want to share with all of our customers about Chinese New Year and Chinese Customs.

Actually today is very busy day for every family. They need clean their house today, As there are many relatives and friends visit their house during 25th Jan to 31th Jan. That means Spring festival begin.

For every Chinese family there are several things should be done in Chinese New Year:

1 First as I said clean house totally. It including clean the floor,tables,each rooms. You can’t see the dirty part in each corner.

2 Second put up couplets, once get up, we are busy in putting up the couplets, It not only make our house looks festive. but also can protect our families safe in the coming year.

3 Preparing delicious food, Every family start preparing delicious food start at this afternoon. It including the different kind of meat but also sweet dessert. Actually we have collect a lot of fruits,candies,cakes and different desserts already before Chinese New Year. We will have a family party in Chinese New Year.

4 The Kids will be most happy today, As they can received the new year lucky money from parents, grandfather,grandmother,uncles and so on.

5 Shoot off fireworks, It is very alive start this evening. Each family need shoot off fireworks to welcome the new year.

Xiamen LongStar will show you more pictures about Chinese Customs.Wish everyone enjoy life happily.


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